College basketball

Off topic a little, I just watched my beloved Badgers lose to Ohio St. in a #1 vs. #2 matchup. I am astounded as to how much ESPN and CBS are in love with Greg Oden. Even when he doesn’t contribute one iota to a play, they still talk about him. "Oh, he has such great court presence…" For the last time, NO HE DOESN’T!!! There is no way he should even be in the mentioning for player of the year, no way. He has only two basketball skills to mention, he can rebound and block shots, but only because he a 57 year old 7-footer. He can’t shoot anything but dunks and sky-hooks, and absolutely can NOT dribble. He is a less fatter Shaq (who I also can’t stand for his lack of basketball skills). Talk about his going number one in the upcoming NBA draft makes me sick. I’d love to see a team be stupid enough to draft him and watch him become another Darko Milicic. He has no talent. The player who should be number one is Kevin Durant of Texas, but he had better not win the Naismith Award. After all, his team isn’t even in the top 25. And he is the only player on that team, honestly, can you name another player for Texas?




    Oh come on, he’s only a freshman, and he’s got a lot of talent. You’ve got to remember, he’s nursing a bad right hand – once he doesn’t have to use his left hand to Shoot, block, rebound, dribble, and pass, he should be an even more improved player. I see where you’re coming from about the networks talking about him too much, but to say he ain’t got talent is too far. Also, if Wisconsin hadn’t lost, you probably wouldn’t be talking about this as much…

    Go Bucks. 😀

  2. Nick

    I know my Badgers lost, it was an unfortunate game. I’m just glad they hung in there to the last seconds, I seriously thought they would’ve lost by more. And, they had to chance to win it, if only Kam Taylor could have made his FT. Oh well. However, Oden’s right hand is much more improved health wise, he still shoots his FTs with his left because he is more comfortable with it, seeing as how he has gone the entire season using it. But, he doesn’t use either hand to dribble, that’s why he’s called for travel so much, he lacks that skill. Like I said before, he is a skinnier Shaq, and I will laugh at the moronic GM who drafts him in the top 5 of the NBA draft. As for the Bucks, I try, I really do, to root for them, but when you have the worst coach in the world NOT teaching them how to play defense, it’s really hard. Terry Stotts is awful and shouldn’t be allowed in the NBA. Now that they have Redd back, they will definitely be better, but will still have a lottery pick, so at least some good will come out of this horrendous season. I’m just praying they don’t pick Oden! 😉

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