My predictions

A friend of mine recently asked me about a baseball magazine I purchased, this magazine giving their predictions of the upcoming season. I agree with some of their picks, and very much so disagree with others. So, in the spirit of things, here are my picks for the divisions from first to last…

NL East – Mets, Phillies, Marlins, Braves, Nationals

NL Central – Cardinals, Brewers, Astros, Pirates, Cubs, Reds

NL West – Dodgers, Padres, Diamondbacks, Giants, Colorado

AL East – Yankees, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Orioles, Devil Rays

AL Central – Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Indians, Royals

AL West – Rangers, Angels, Athletics, Mariners

These are my projections for the upcoming season. I’ll be giving a rundown of each division and team soon, so stay tuned….and as always, questions and comments are encouraged!



  1. Coral

    Rangers for ALW?!?!?! Not that I don’t love Texiera, and Blalock, and really most of them, but unless I missed something they still have Showalter… hehe. And did you forget that the Giants got Zito? I’m kidding, the NLW is by far my least favorite division… And Brewers in second? I know how you feel. Always that pre season optimism. Did you catch the Angels vs Brewers game the other day? It was pretty good. My name is Coral btw. Check out my blog and let me know what you think about my critic…

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