MLB Extra Innings Package

I am EXTREMELY ANGRY at Major League Baseball at the moment. If you haven’t heard, they sold the rights to the cable package of MLB Extra Innings to DirecTV for a gigantic sum of money. Something like $700 million if I remember correctly. What this means is that the thousands to millions of people who have cable are out of luck. Cable stations would have had to match the offer of DirecTV in order to keep the package. So, for people like me who live in an area of the country not near their team’s television stations, we can’t watch our teams anymore. That is, unless you are willing to switch your viewing from cable to satellite. And, in my case, I live in an area that just switched from having DirecTV to having Charter Cable. I was happy to get Charter because of the cable internet that they have. DirecTV has no such cable internet, only dial-up. But, now I’m irked since I am no longer able to watch the Brewers on the Extra Innings, and there is no way for me to get DirecTV back either. I’m S-O-L. And, seeing as how I live 400 miles from Milwaukee, the games don’t exactly come in on the FM. I’m stuck either having to watch the games on, or listening to em on I haven’t made up my mind yet, what do you suggest?




    Well let me just say that is not that great in Quality for the $90.00/season that you pay.I watch them that way just cause I payed for it but personally I would go with the Audio for $14.95/season much more worth your money!

  2. Rob

    If you choose make sure that the credit card you use to pay it has a St. Louis address and not something in Wisconsin. I noticed you are a college student in St. Louis. If your address on your card is a Wisconsin (or Eastern Minnesota, or Iowa)address you’ll be blocked out of brewer games defeating the purpose of purchasing it in the first place.


    As a fellow Brewers blogger, welcome to the Brewer Nation!

    I saw that you added a link to us on your list, so I reciprocated.

    Anyway, about MLB.TV…my blog’s owner, Rob, bought that now for the third straight year. It has always depended, for us, which ZIP code our terminal was in. I have a friend who tested it out for us, and he can connect from Chicago, for example and watch Brewers games but not Cubs games…and the address on the credit card is all Milwaukee.

    Feel free to email me and I’ll hook you up with a little extra knowledge too.

    Adam “Big” Rygg

    Contributor to the Brewer Nation

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