Catcher galore

Well, it looks like I was wrong. The Brewers logjam in the catcher’s spot is of no more. Luckily, Mike Rivera has cleared waivers and will be sent to Triple-A Nashville. I think this is absolutely great for the club. Not only is Rivera is a great catcher, but he can hit too. I thought for sure another club would have picked him up off of waivers. But, he will join J.D. Closser down in Nashville. However, in some new news, the Brewers traded Minors veteran Ben Hendrickson to the Kansas City Royals for catcher Maxim St. Pierre. He will also report to Nashville. So, this means that if either Johnny Estrada or Damien Miller go down due to injury, the Brewers have more than enough talent to rely on at Triple-A. And, all the best of luck to Hendrickson, hopefully he can become a star in KC. Only 6 more days to Opening Day!!!!!!



  1. Coral


    How about our draft. I see you got Ben Sheets as your first pick. Surprise Surprise. And if you didn’t notice, I managed to snag Lackey. Oh I have something interesting to tell you about Spring Break.

  2. Patrick

    That’s a load of S#*t, leaving those of us who haven’t experienced spring break in 10 years out of your secrets…but the actually crux of my post–am I the only one who thinks Damien Miller still being in the Major Leagues is a bit much? I am not sure there is a player who has accomplished more with less in the last 20 years…

  3. Steve

    I agree with the Miller comment. I have thought they should trade or release him and take the hit to get Rivera more of a chance. Unfortunately, unless there is an injury to Miller or Estrada, Rivera looks like he is going to be stuck with the Sounds all year. That is not a Sound decision… pun intended.


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