I just finished watching the Brewers Opening Day game against the Los Angeles Dodgers via MLBTV.com. It was great. The biggest question coming into today was Ben Sheets’s health. If today was any indication of this season, the rest of the National League should watch out for the Brewers. The hitters tore the cover off the ball, particularly J.J. Hardy, who finished with three hits. The best part was watching Benny throw a complete game 2-hit, 1-run masterpiece. After a 3-1 fastball down the middle that Jeff Kent barely hit over the centerfield wall, Sheets dominated everyone and didn’t allow another baserunner until Brady Clark managed a double down the line in the top of the ninth. He didn’t score. So, right now, that puts the Brewers at the top of the division on pace to win 162 games. Let’s hope it stays that way. Go Brewers!!!



  1. Steve

    Sorry I haven’t already, but I added you to my favorite blogs on MLBlogs. Between you, me, the guys at the Brewer Nation, and Brian Anderson we are the only 4 active Brewer Bloggers that I can tell. Keep up the good work, and Go Brewers!



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