Where’s the runs at?

Why are the Brewers so confounding? Once again, they outhit their opponent, yet lose the only statistic that really counts, runs. Geoff Jenkins seems to be on a tear, hitting a home run in each of the past three games. This past one was opposite field even. Great hitting. Both he and Kevin Mench have been hitting well, something I like to see since they are platooning. And, Tony Graffanino and WI native Craig Counsell are both hitting the ball well, too. That’s exactly what a manager wants, for both of the guys to want to be playing so well that he has a hard time deciding who should ride the pine for the day. Now, the Brewers need to just execute and put some RUNS ON THE BOARD!!! I’m getting sick of watching them leave so many guys on base. They are getting the hits, but no one can seem to hit a sac fly or base hit when it’s needed. And Billy Hall, what was going on in game one against the Fish, with the running on a fly ball hit to right? That’s fundamental baseball, no excuses. Unless it was a run and hit play, but still, to not even take a look back. Also, the center field defense needs to step it up some Billy. I know you are still learning the ropes, but dropping a catchable ball on the track to give Borchard the errored triple, and then letting a ball go over your head for the ground-rule double. Gotta judge balls better. But, I have faith that you will improve greatly over the season as you get used to it. I know it can’t be easy playing CF in the gigantic outfield that is Dolphins Stadium. My hat’s off to the pitching, they are doing a good job so far, too bad for Word-of-the-Day Suppan, he’ll get his first win soon. And, good luck to Claudio Vargas making his first start for the Crew tomorrow against a guy making his Major League debut. Traditionally, guys making their Major League debut against the Brewers tend to dominate, so let’s all hope the Brewers can continue their hitting ways and win a few!


One comment

  1. Tiffany

    You’re ahead of Chicago. Please stay that way. Actually, I picked the Brewers to finish 2nd this year because I feel that Houston will really fall off and that the Brewers have the pitching staff that can pull it off. So, I’m rooting for you guys……except for this weekend of course. Looking forward to seeing Suppan again.



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