Brewers Rule!!!

I would just like to commend the Brewers’ bullpen for the awesome job they did this past series against the Marlins. They were amazing in the extra-inning, two day game. Pretty much the whole pen was a part of that game. Also, kudos to Frankie Cordero for back to back saves on the same day. Turnbow was also lights out, as he’s been this whole season. If the Brewers manage to have a lead going into the 8th, it’s over for the opposing team.

This weekend is a big series for the Crew, as it is the first series against division rival and current World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Hopefully my Brewers can manage to actually put some of their runners on base across the plate. That has been their downfall this whole season. They are hitting the cover off the ball, but can’t produce in the clutch. Also, I’m going to the second game of the series. I am STOKED about that, as it’s my first game of the season. I’m looking for Capuano to pitch, so it should make for a great game. The weather forecast isn’t looking too pretty, low forties and rain, so hopefully the precipitation holds off long enough to get the game in. I’m from WI, so the cold won’t bother me a bit, it’s just having to sit through rain delays I’m not a fan of. Sheets, Cappy, and Suppan are going. That last game should be bittersweet for Word-Of-The-Day, as he’ll be facing his former team. I love it. Go Brewers!!!


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