Wow. What an awful inning the Brewers bullpen had tonight in the bottom of the 7th. The worst meltdown of the year by far. The Crew was up a run going in, and even managed to get two outs and no one scoring (thanks to a couple masterfully pitched batters by Brian Shouse), but then comes Greg Aquino who promptly gives up the tying run and then walks (intentionally) Scott Hatteberg to load the bases and THEN WALKS ALEX GONZALEZ ON FOUR STRAIGHT PITCHES!!! Come on! You are a major league pitcher, throw a strike! There is absolutely no excuse. I would have been MUCH happier if Gonzalez had hit a grand slam, at least it would have meant Aquino was throwing strikes. But no. He walked the lead run in. Horrible job by the bullpen tonight. I’d also like to interject here that, personally, I think that Carlos Villanueva should be sent back down to Triple-A, as he is clearly not ready for the big leagues yet. When you have nearly four times as many walks as K’s, there’s something wrong. He needs to fix it fast, or he’ll be out of a job.

Oh, and by the way, this will be my last post for three weeks, as I am going home over break, and won’t have a chance to blog until I get back to StL. Until then, I’ll be forced to listen to Uecker and Powell on the radio instead of watching the Crew on MLBTV. That’s not something I mind however, as I’m a huge fan of Mr. Baseball, I think he’s hilarious. Until next time, GO BREWERS!!!


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