6 games at once!

You know what the best part of living in my apartment is? I can watch 6 sporting events at the same time. That’s simultaneously! How awesome is that? Take this past Sunday for example. I finally hooked up my other two tv’s to the cable, so now I have 5 televisions hooked up. Add them to my computer screen and watching MLBTV on that, that’s 6 games at the same time. Granted, there usually aren’t 6 baseball games on at the same time on cable channels, so I merely watched some NBA playoff basketball, college lacrosse, golf, and rodeo on the other tv’s. It was amazing to say the least. Of course, I had the Brewer game on my computer, and got to watch them come back and beat the Twinkies in the final game of their first interleague series. That was definitely a win the Crew desperately needed. Now they go into Los Angeles and San Diego on a winning note. Since their previous road trip was a paltry 2-5, they need to take it to the Dodgers and Padres and open up that lead in the NL Central a little more. Go Brewers!


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