What’s happening?

What has happened to the Brewers? After their amazing homestand, they have ****** it up on the road. First out east, now out west, they are not performing to my expectations. One bright spot from last night’s game against the Padres was seeing Ryan Braun make his Major League debut. He collected two RBI’s and had a double. Also, it was nice to see Tony Gwynn, Jr. come home against to play against his father’s former team. Oh, not to mention the recurrence of the Bash Brothers in J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder. I mean, many expected Prince to be hitting the homers at this pace, but almost no one foresaw Hardy mashing the ball this much. If only the hitting could coincide with the pitching. If the pitching is outstanding one game, the Brewers can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn. If they are hitting the ball well, they can’t seem to get anyone out. It’s a vicious circle. Hopefully they can turn it around and take the series against the Padres before heading back for a much-needed homestand.


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