I heart Spring Training

So I was driving to the grocery store today when I discovered the Brewers Radio Network was broadcasting the game. This made me extremely happy and giddy like a kid again. I had forgotten how awesome it was to listen to Bob Uecker call a game. I can’t wait until it’s spring!! Now granted, this might not seem like a thing to be excited about for some of you, but you need to remember that I live in northern Wisconsin, and there is still a foot of snow and ice on the ground, with the high today being about 28. So spring is a big deal.

Also, it means that the softball season is coming up. We have our parents meeting tomorrow night, which will be the first time for most of the parents getting to meet me, the new coach. Should be a good time. Hopefully the weather warms up soon so all this snow melts and the grass starts growing!

On an unrelated note, I just finished watching the first (and only) season of the television show, “Firefly.” After finishing the show, per the request of a friend of mine, I have no clue why this show was cancelled. “Firefly” was awesome!!! If you haven’t checked it out, by all means, you need to see it. Think of it as a Western set in space. Pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

That is all for today, peace out!


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