About nickwalldc

Hello everyone, and welcome to the best
weblog in baseball! I am currently a doctor of chiropractic
in Merrill, WI, and love sharing the gift of health with the
community. I coach girls high school softball as well, and
enjoy teaching the game to young athletes. My all-time
favorite team is the Milwaukee Brewers. I grew up on a dairy
farm in Wisconsin, and love all WI sports teams, including
the Packers, Bucks, and Badgers as well. I also used to be an
umpire for high school baseball, so any questions about
rules, you can shoot my way. I live, eat, breathe, and bleed
baseball, so any and all comments, suggestions, discussions,
etc., are welcome, and I will try to answer any question you
might have, not only about the Brewers, but about anything in
general in baseball and life.


Baseball (of course), basketball, football,
golf (playing, not watching), movies, music, reading, and